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About Aikido

aikido_kanji_ver_200Aikido founded and developed at first time by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969). Ueshiba developed Aikido by combining some techniques of martial art that he had learnt likes Daito-ryu Jujutsu, Yagyu-ryu Kenjutsu and others effective Japanese martial arts.

Bensdojo Aikido

I myself learned for the first time at 1987 in Jakarta. Fortunately not far after, Indonesia got instructor came from Aikido Kobayashi Dojo that sponsored by JOCV (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer). The instructor was Kobayashi Hiroaki.

At around 1991, I got chance to learn aikido in Japan for 3.5 month, as Uchidesi in Kobayashi Dojo, the sponsored by Shihan Hiroaki Kobayashi.

At the time, I went with a friend from Indonesia. Arrived there, we were brought to visit Aikido World Headquarter by Shihan Yasuo Kobayashi, the father of Hiroaki Kobayashi. I am really gratefully and thank him to give me chance in meeting & knowing Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba. In that place, we could see the aikido members come from many countries practicing aikido in Hombu Dojo.

Bensdojo itself started in 1999, place Ruko Taman Galaxy Indah , Kalimalang , Bekasi selatan. At May 2006 I propose to be affiliated of Aikido Kobayashi Dojo, Tokyo Japan, Hiroaki Kobayashi sensei welcome us with good response and agree for us to be affiliated of Aikido Kobayashi Dojo, with approval from Shihan Yasuo Kobayashi.

With aikido learning experiences for about two years trained by Hiroaki Kobayashi sensei while he was in Indonesia and three and half month practiced in Kobayashi Dojo Tokyo Japan, so many knowledge and experience I got. Basically, not only the aikido technique(waza) that needed in learning aikido in a right way. The learning process in aikido is a life time process. The basic things are the main stream which can encourage people to learn more, having experience to achieve the learning goal in right and proper way Indeed , all people can talk much about discipline, spirit, harmony, open minded, honesty, humbleness, etc. But surely we should realize that words can not always be implemented linear with daily action, but as far as we keep our good intention always, that really a good point. How to get all?….Practice Aikido in our whole life.

I had the little experience which bring great benefit, while I lived in Kobayashi Dojo, I followed the “Japanese Tea Ceremony” In the occasion, there were rules should be followed because it was a Japanese tradition. As example, rules to enter the drinking area, the ways to open and close the door while somebody’s coming, the way to drink, the way to sit in long time.”Zagi “ aikido sitting position which also reflecting Japanese tradition. For most people, maybe they will think all rules and ways of this tradition are useless and not worth at all, But all of the action and the rules in that Tea Ceremony actually teach me more about humbleness, mentality, peace and discipline. My own conclusion in this matters is in learning aikido we should be honest, extra patient, high spirit, consistency in practicing, open & wise minded, free useless mind in our soul. That’s what I get in this aikido learning.

How to teach Aikido to the beginner?

Teaching aikido to the beginners usually meet many barriers, but that is also part of the learning processes for me in teaching. Really need an extra patient to teach the beginner, because without that will be very difficult to give them good kihon waza.The beginner usually asking many question and even indirectly testing the instructor’s capability.
Here the instructor should not always reply all question but he should understand the contains of the question. As example, new students in basic technique such as katatetori ikkyo (held by one hand) usually will hold tightly. Here the sensei/instructor should not follow it with the same power, because usually the beginner do not do it in purpose, they just worry to get hurt so try to protect themselves by that way. Another example in shomenuchi ikkyo(direct strike to the head) technique, the beginner do it with high speed. In this case the instructor should make anticipation with the same high speed too, of course for instructor must control the technique.
For all cases happened in practicing aikido, our duty as instructor(sensei) to explain it to all the beginners, Sometime , as instructor , we can do the demonstrative action to motivate the students, but the most important is we should share what we have and what we get in learning.

Aikido is made for a future self defense such as:

How to anticipate the attack of gun or knife
How to anticipate the rubber action and defeat it
How to anticipate the back attack

Who should learn an Aikido?

All participant, including housewife, doctor, professional, man or woman and children start from age 6-12 years old.



Chairman of Instructors:

Benny Agus


  • Caecilia S
  • Matsani
  • Arief
  • Benny SS
  • Misnan



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